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​Activating the global movement to fight inequality

with Oxfam Canada

Oxfam Canada partnered with Loop to design for social good.

The core message of Oxfam Canada’s new website is that ending poverty begins with women’s rights. Photo Credit: Aurelie Marrier d’Unienville – Oxfam


Since 2017


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​Oxfam Canada is part of the global Oxfam movement to end poverty. The organization is an influential leader in the fight for equality and gender justice in Canada and is actively on the ground implementing innovative development and emergency aid projects in over 90 countries around the world. From transforming women’s leadership to assisting in global refugee crises, Oxfam Canada is leading global change.

Loop has been collaborating with Oxfam Canada to reimagine how their website can elevate the movement, engage younger socially-conscious audiences, and raise more support for gender equality around the world.

The recognized Oxfam brand was optimized for a digital world and brought to life through compelling photography of real women/girls and their lived experience, all while meeting accessibility standards.

A new icon font was adapted for the new website to help express information visually wherever possible.

Oxfam Canada is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Our Approach

​The Oxfam Canada website project presented an array of key opportunities to improve the user experience and weave a compelling narrative throughout, bringing the realities of gender inequality to life. Our approach began with a comprehensive consultation process, learning about the motivations and values of an array of new and existing stakeholders. These insights enabled us to develop a series of user journeys that resulted in a drastically streamlined navigation structure focusing on immersive media experiences leading to strategic calls to action.

As a globally vibrant and established brand, we expanded Oxfam’s digital assets to make a bolder statement while meeting strict accessibility standards. Visual Storytelling is embraced as a core pillar of the content architecture by immersing visitors into the stories of real women and girls through video and photography. This approach connects campaigns and emergency appeals to real stories as a way of rallying increased support in the fight for equality.

Finally, dynamic content on the website was re-structured to align with pillars of Oxfam Canada’s work including Ending Violence Against Women, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Economic Justice, Transformative Leadership, and Gender in Emergencies.

A digital visual language was developed incorporating a colour theme, an Oxfam brand pattern and image tone to express different content and calls to action. The original Oxfam International brand was designed by Wolff Olins in 2012 with photography by Oxfam.

The WordPress website was built using custom ‘Oxfam Builder,’ and modules which display various content types consistently across the site.

“Loop took our complex website project and helped create a brand refresh at the same time. They took into account our internal stakeholders, target audiences, supporter experience and organizational goals and values to design and deliver a compelling platform that brings Oxfam’s story to life. The Loop team is incredibly creative, responsive, propositional and strong project managers – they are true partners.

Jennifer Alldred, Oxfam Canada, Marketing Communications Manager

Emergency appeals and campaigns are brought to life with immersive video experiences, critical update information, dynamic news and stories, and direct calls to action.

All Touchpoints Considered

The new WordPress website provides Oxfam Canada with a scaleable drag and drop page builder, making editing pages efficient and straightforward. A custom toolbox of content modules, including effective ways to display dynamic content, creates a platform for Oxfam Canada to keep their website organized and positioned for growth. The website also integrates with an innovative donor and campaign management software, producing a seamless experience for visitors wanting to lend their support.

Visitors are encouraged to share statistics, quotes and content directly to their social channels with hover and share functionalities.

The new website brings Oxfam Canada’s work to life through frequent immersive video and photography, sharing the stories of real women and their experiences in the world.

From Empathy to Impact

Since its launch, the Oxfam Canada website has engaged Canadians to stand up against gender inequality and fight poverty.

The new sitemap streamlines content resulting in 50% fewer pages and more seamless user journeys.
Seven new post types were introduced, allowing Oxfam Canada to organize dynamic content more effectively.
Twenty new immersive video stories bring human experience to life.

Thank you Oxfam Canada.