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Ideas, insight and a glimpse behind the scenes at Loop.


Learn more about nonprofit branding with our complete guide and best examples.

Nonprofit Branding: Our Complete Guide and Best Examples

Learn more about nonprofit branding with our complete guide and best examples.
Best Nonprofit Websites: Our Roundup of Ideas

Best Nonprofit Websites: Our 2023 Inspiration Roundup

Take a look at some of the best nonprofit websites of 2023.
A lightbulb, a wrapped present, a list and an apple.

A Mindful 2022 Holiday Season

How to be more intentional, mindful, considerate and creative with how we express holiday cheer!

Self Care for Creatives

Tips from our design team on taking care of yourself as a creative professional.

Best Practices for Web Accessibility

Focusing on web accessibility allows people who experience disabilities to access the web more equally.
Top Nonprofit Website Builders to Promote Your Mission

Top Nonprofit Website Builders to Promote Your Mission

See how the right design agency can help you make the most of your nonprofit…

A Glimpse into our Web Design Process: From Design to Development

We will be exploring the intersection of Loop’s Design and Development teams with Graphic Designer…
Nonprofit Web Design Firms We Are Inspired By

15 Nonprofit Website Design Firms We Are Inspired By

See how our nonprofit website design inspiration translates into better websites.
Check out these 14 nonprofit website best practices to maximize engagement.

14 Nonprofit Website Best Practices to Maximize Engagement

Use industry best practices to increase your visitors’ engagement, growing their involvement with your organization.

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day

Educate, Advocate, Celebrate!

Mutual Aid is An Act of Love

Our take on the intersectional impacts of the pandemic & ways to support Toronto organizations…

5 Lessons We Learned in 2020

Some fun and practical takeaways from an unprecedented year.

Loop’s Anti-Racism Action Plan

Our collective commitment to fostering an actively anti-racist design studio & practice.

Loop’s Professional Pledge of Reconciliation

In the spirit of reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

#RelationshipGoals 2: Designing with the MLSE Foundation in Toronto

From a dynamic annual report to a suite of adaptable brand resources, what does it…

Inspiration Roundup 2: New Trends in Design for Social Impact

Welcome to Loop’s second edition of Inspiration Roundup!

Get Personal 2: Social Enterprise Branding for Signalytic

Helping an innovative company spread the word about Digital Health Data Navigation.

Good Days Ahead: COVID–19 Resources & Support

Whether we work in the same community or are already digitally connected, we will continue…

#RelationshipGoals: Designing with Oxfam Canada

From a new website to a slew of digital campaigns that push for gender equity,…

The Loop 2019 Holiday Card

A peak at Loop's 2019 Holiday Card!

Our Creative Process

We are getting personal as we speak with Emma, our graphic designer, about Loop’s creative…

Inspiration Roundup: Design for Social Good

We LOVE that there are other agencies like us who focus on design to change…

Get Personal: Designing in the Hyphen

In the first edition of Get Personal, we're speaking with our Creative Director, Josh Layton…

Women in Design: The Juggle Is Real

We know that women can and are changing the world, and we’re incredibly honoured to…
Tapestry promotional materials on a table

Mobilizing Community Capital With Design

Loop had the pleasure of developing a brand identity and website for Tapestry Community Capital,…