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Nonprofit Logo Design & Branding

Nonprofit logo design and comprehensive branding services by the Loop: Design for Social Good team can help your organization define key aspects of its brand identity.

What is a brand identity?

Your nonprofit’s brand is the visual and verbal expression of the meaning behind your work. A sound brand strategy can help you paint an authentic and compelling picture of who you are and why your mission matters to your community.

A brand identity is one of your nonprofit’s most valuable tools, as it helps your organization stand out to the donors, volunteers, staff members, partners, and communities who rally around your cause. Over time, it builds trust and credibility, which in turn increases support.

Nonprofit Brand Identity and Logo Design

Your brand encompasses your nonprofit’s personality and tone, as well as the visual assets that represent your mission, such as color scheme, fonts, and imagery. Your nonprofit logo brings these elements together to represent your mission and values in one compelling visual. It also creates consistency across your website and other communications.

Loop’s Nonprofit Logo Design and Brand Development Process

To craft a brand identity for your nonprofit and design a logo that effectively reflects that identity, the Loop team guides you through a thoughtful and fun process that includes these steps:


We begin by engaging your team and community to learn about your audiences, purpose, mission, personality and needs. Interactive surveys and group conversations help us find the heart of your non-profit organization’s brand, bringing the brand essence and values to the surface. Visual direction activities hone in on your unique design aesthetic and align to form a brand brief, setting the strategy for the work ahead.


Brand Concepts

Building on insight from the discovery activities, our team will get creative. We will explore various visual approaches to meet your needs through brand concepts, including logo designs, accessible colour palettes, typography systems, iconography and other graphic elements. We will come together to share, refine and build upon a chosen concept, developing it into a fulsome identity concept uniquely authentic and reflective of your organization.


Brand Guide

The brand guide is your one-stop shop for all newly developed assets and their guidelines. The guide will help you apply your brand everywhere, from your organization’s Instagram feed to a funding deck and even next year’s annual report (we can help with that too)! The brand guide is accompanied by a digital asset directory you can easily share with your team.



Applying your new brand to every touchpoint in your non-profit organization can be daunting. As partners, we’ve got you covered and can help you devise a plan for communicating your brand with your community and develop the templates, materials and collateral you need to ensure a consistent look and feel from day one.

Create Your Nonprofit Logo and Brand Identity With Loop

What You Get

  • Discovery activities
  • Brand brief
  • Logo design
  • Colour palette, typography, icons, graphics
  • Detailed brand guidelines
  • Assets directory
  • Optional brand collateral, including business cards, stationery, pitch decks, presentations, infographics, and social media post templates


  • Development: 3 months
  • Collateral creation: as needed
Get Started

The project seemed big and overwhelming to us at first, but Loop guided us through the process with patience, care, and some fantastic project management. Loop’s aesthetic sensibility and design talent really took it to the next level. We’re very happy with the results and will definitely recommend Loop to other non-profits!

Emily KellerEnvironmental Youth Alliance

There is nothing more precious to a non-profit organization than the values we live and work according to. Loop successfully created an original and meaningful visual identity for Community Forests International that puts our values front and centre. Loop was deeply invested in creating a visual identity that we would both be proud of and guided us through the entire process with great care.

Monica AllabyCommunity Forests International