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Nonprofit Branding Services by Loop

Loop: Design for Social Good is a nonprofit branding agency that will guide your cause-driven organization on a strategic journey to define and implement key aspects of its brand identity.

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Learn more about nonprofit branding with our complete guide and best examples.

What is a nonprofit brand identity?

Your nonprofit’s brand identity is the visual expression of the meaning behind your cause. Your brand encompasses your nonprofit’s positioning, message, personality, and tone, in addition to the visual systems that express your mission, such as colour scheme, fonts, and imagery. Your logo serves as a powerful visual representation of your organization’s mission and values, weaving them together into a compelling and memorable symbol that demonstrates who you are and why your work is vital to your community.

A thoughtfully designed brand identity is one of your nonprofit’s most valuable assets—it grabs the attention of donors, volunteers, staff, partners, and the wider community, who share a passion for your cause. As time passes, it builds trust and credibility, translating into even more support for your mission.

Loop’s Nonprofit Branding Services: The Process

As a dedicated nonprofit branding agency, Loop partners with your team to walk through these four steps together.


1. Discovery

We kick off our collaboration by diving into conversations with your staff and community, getting to know your audiences, purpose, mission, personality, and needs. Through surveys and authentic discussions, we unearth the essence of your nonprofit’s brand, bringing its identity and values to light. From there, we embark on visual direction activities to refine your distinct design voice and aesthetic, laying the groundwork for the journey ahead.

2. Brand Concepts

Building on insights from the discovery activities, our team will get creative. We will explore various visual approaches to meet your needs through brand concepts, including logo designs, accessible colour palettes, typography systems, iconography, and other graphic elements. We will come together to refine and build upon a chosen concept, developing it into a full brand identity concept uniquely authentic to and reflective of your organization.

3. Brand Guide

Your brand guide is your one-stop shop for all newly developed assets and their usage guidelines. The guide will help you apply your nonprofit’s brand everywhere, from your Instagram feed to slide decks and even next year’s annual report (we can help with that too)! The brand guide is accompanied by a digital asset directory you can easily share with your team.

4. Rollout

Implementing your new brand identity across every aspect of your nonprofit may seem overwhelming at first. But fear not! As your trusted branding agency partner, we’ve got your back. We’ll assist you in crafting a strategic communication plan to showcase your nonprofit’s brand identity to your team and community. Additionally, we’ll create templates, materials, and collateral to guarantee a consistent look and feel from day one.

What to Expect From Loop’s Nonprofit Branding Services

Specific Deliverables:

  • Discovery Activities
  • Stakeholders Engagement
  • Brand Brief
  • Brand Concepts (including logo design, colour palettes, typography, icons and graphics)
  • Brand Identity Guide
  • Assets Directory

Optional: Brand Collateral — pitch decks, presentations, infographics, and social media post templates


  • 3 months for initial branding activities
  • Ongoing support for brand rollout

Nonprofit Branding Agency Client Testimonial

“The project was overwhelming to us, but Loop expertly navigated us through it with remarkable patience and meticulous project management. Their exceptional design skills and aesthetic insight truly elevated the final outcome. We’re extremely satisfied with the results and enthusiastically endorse Loop to other non-profits.”

– Emily Keller, Environmental Youth Alliance

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