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Inspiring The Global Sustainability Shift

With International Institute for Sustainable Development

The Story
The International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) is a global think tank dedicated to advancing both human development and environmental sustainability. Through research, policy recommendations, and fostering vital discussions, IISD strives to make a positive impact on a global scale.

In partnership with Briteweb (formerly RallyRally) and the IISD team, we crafted a meaningful identity that amplifies IISD’s global presence. This versatile toolkit empowers IISD across digital and print platforms, reinforcing their mission.

Together, we unearthed a core brand essence: “Bold solutions . Global shift.” This simple concept became the cornerstone of our creative journey. The logo embodies this idea by visually depicting the Earth, tilted 23.5 degrees (it’s angle of rotation). This image symbolizes both our connection to the planet’s boundaries and IISD’s global impact.

This angular shift flows through various graphic elements, generating a sense of forward momentum. A refreshed and vibrant colour palette and trustworthy typography complete the identity. These changes have invigorated IISD’s brand in the 100+ countries it serves, amplifying its presence and purpose.

Climate and Sustainability

Designed in collaboration with Briteweb, formerly RallyRally

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