Annual Report

Empowering youth to realize dreams through sports

with MLSE Foundation

Immersive, action-oriented photography brings the emotion and passion of sport to life in the annual report.


Since 2018


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MLSE Foundation believes all kids should have access to sport and the opportunity to both develop and pursue lasting dreams on and off the playing field. With the support of MLSE’s teams (The Toronto Raptors, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto FC and the Toronto Argonauts), the MLSE Foundation improves the lives of youth by building sports facilities, giving to sustainable programs, and empowering youth through sport and recreation. Loop has been working with MLSE Foundation through 2018/2019 to expand their brand and design their first-ever annual report.

Throughout the report close attention has been paid to showcase the strength in the diversity of young people in Toronto.

The annual report brings young people and professional atheltes together as partners.

Our Approach

Loop and the MLSE team worked together from MLSE LaunchPad, a living lab for youth sport and development located in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Together we spoke about how to position young people and professional athletes as collaborators in youth development, and how to share stories of achievement through sport. These conversations shaped the idea of ‘a gameplan for success.’ which would become a foundation for the visual brand that would flow through the annual report.

The gameplan came to life with the design of a bold graphic pattern that emulates the look of a coach’s clipboard on game day. Rendered in MLSE Foundations bright colour palette, a series of lines, X’s and O’s flow through the report representing overcoming obstacles and navigating challenges on the path to success. Paired with action-oriented photography, a varsity typeface system, and image frames inspired by different sports fields/courts, the annual report makes a bold splash that highlights the life-changing power of sport.

The gameplan is a bold graphic pattern that emulates the look of a coach’s clipboard on game day.

“MLSE Foundation needed an innovative creative agency to bring our Annual Report to life and breath new inspiration into our tired templates. Loop’s focus and experience working with nonprofit organizations provided valuable insight into market best-practices and trends. Loop was able to re-invigorate our existing brand assets and produce a world-class Annual Report and inspired templates, that captured the feel of MLSE Foundation perfectly.”

Kendra Kerr
Community Investment, MLSE Foundation

Throughout the development of the report, Loop spent time at MLSE Launchpad an innovative gym-hangout-youth development space in the heart of Toronto.

Packaged for Impact

With a bold new look, a showcase of stories, and infographics to help visualize data, the MLSE Foundation annual report celebrates impact and creates a memorable impression both on and offline. One of the primary goals of the project was to create a lasting impression, especially with existing and potential supporters, and this was achieved by designing a package to display the report.

A custom-designed folder holds the report, quick fact sheets, and call to action pull-outs. This bold package ensures that each person who receives the annual report can dive into an immersive gameplan experience and feel like part of the movement to empower youth through sport.

Whenever possible impact statistics are showcased as infographics to make them more engaging and simpler to digest when glancing through the report.

The bold look and feel bring messages of support and leadership to life.

MLSE Foundation worked with Loop to design for good.

From Empathy to Impact

The annual report was used as a strategic opportunity to strengthen the MLSE Foundations brand, and the gameplan identity is now being implemented across many of MLSE Foundations branded touchpoints including newspaper advertisements, at events, and in pitches and presentations.

Thank you MLSE Foundation.