Branding a Forest Legacy

with Community Forests International


Since 2020


Brand Positioning, Visual Identity

Community Forests International is an environmental charity that works to protect and restore forests in Canada and in Zanzibar through community-led or community-based initiatives. They care deeply about forests and the people connected to them. As their reach & partnerships were expanding, CFI was looking for a bold new brand that captured their mission and passion, all while maintaining a connection to both Zanzibar and Canada.

The New Brand

The new Community Forests brand is vibrant, passionate and exciting just like the Community Forests team. The final logo adeptly captures the Community Forests mission by intersecting two upside down hearts that form a tree. The hearts were inspired by CFI’s organizational commitment to Leading with Love, by their work in both Zanzibar and Canada, as well as the hearts of people and the heart of the forest. Colours inspired by the landscapes in Canada and Zanzibar bring the brand to life, and the graphic elements are used thoughtfully in combination with CFI’s stunning photography.

The Legacy Illustration

Inspired by the idea of working “acre by acre”, the graphic centrepiece of the Community Forests brand is the Legacy Illustration – a large tapestry made up of modular pieces that can be pulled apart, isolated or recomposed to showcase different pieces of Community Forests’ work & mission. A large gathering tree takes up the central panels of the illustration, its roots and branches drawing your eye up and around the canvas. The crooked trunk of the tree also pays tribute to the original Community Forests International logo. To the right of the tree are elements that recognize the work they do in Zanzibar (including a subtle silhouette of the African continent) and to the left are elements that connect with their work in Atlantic Canada.

From Empathy to Impact

The new brand for Community Forests International has been rolled out with great joy and excitement, and has helped reinvigorate their long time supporters and major donors who feel excited by and reflected in the brand.

Thank you Community Forests International!