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The 25+ Best Nonprofit Websites: Our 2024 Inspiration Roundup

Inspiration du design

The 25+ Best Nonprofit Websites: Our 2024 Inspiration Roundup

A collection of images of the best nonprofit websites.

When someone is interested in learning more about your nonprofit, the first place they’re likely to check is your website. It’s the central hub for information about your mission and work, and they can get involved through it in many ways, from donating online to registering for a fundraising event to advocating for your cause. With all of this riding on your nonprofit’s website, are you making the most of this powerful resource?

A strategic, beautiful, and well-crafted nonprofit website will draw your audience in, instill a sense of trust, and inspire people to take action. To help you start designing your website, we’ve curated a list of our favourite nonprofit websites and some of the reasons they’re so inspiring. Here is what we’ll cover in this guide:

Before we explore these different ways of telling stories, sharing impact, and driving visitors to support their missions online, let’s start with a few helpful tips for making your website stand out.

What makes a great nonprofit website?

A great nonprofit website should inspire visitors and guide them towards the various actions they can take by effectively communicating why your mission is critical for shaping a better world. It also gives your team a plateforme flexible to manage, scale, and evolve your content as your organization scales up and evolves.

Pour atteindre l'objectif de la meilleure conception possible du site web, make sure your nonprofit’s site is:

  • Inclusif et accessible. Every visitor to your website should be able to interact with your content, including those with disabilities. Use an official checklist such as the Lignes directrices pour l'accessibilité des contenus web 2.1 to ensure your site meets industry accessibility standards.
  • Attrayante et bien conçue. The look, feel, and tone of your website should exemplify your nonprofit’s branding and resonate with your target audience. Incorporate your organization’s logo, typography, colour palette, and graphic style across every webpage to ensure your site’s visuals are cohesive and memorable. Unique photography and video content that amplifies your branding can also go a long way towards ensuring your brand stays top of mind.
  • Facile à naviguer. Make your website’s navigation intuitive by highlighting your most important pages and call-to-action (CTA) buttons to encourage visitors to donate or get involved. Since more than half of nonprofit website traffic comes from mobile devices, your website should be mobile responsive and easy to navigate using touchscreen.
  • Engageant et informatif. Your website’s written content, media, and interactive elements should give visitors a clear picture of who your nonprofit is and what it stands for. To help supporters who want to learn more before they get involved, include your most recent annual report, impact statistics, and stories so they can easily dive deeper into your work.

When supporters have a positive experience engaging with your website, they’re more likely to take a desired action, like donating or signing up to volunteer. By designing your website strategically, you can leverage it as a tool to attract, convert, and fidéliser les sympathisants pour votre mission.

Improving Your Website’s Visibility

Having a solid nonprofit website only really matters if potential supporters can easily find it! Make your site more discoverable by following these tips:

  • Link back to core pages in secondary content. If you create a valuable educational blog post, your website visitors might want to share it with their network. However, the second group of people to see the article may or may not connect it back to your organization. Ensure these secondary pages include internal links to your homepage or service pages so readers can learn more about your mission, as well as CTA buttons to your online forms to provide visitors with suggested next steps to support you.
  • Optimize content for search engines. When creating blog posts, service pages, or other website content, consider what terms or keywords people might search for to find pages like yours. Then, strategically add those keywords to your pages (without going overboard) to help search engine algorithms discern what your page is about and display your page in search results.
  • Apply for advertising grants. Digital advertising can further expand your website’s reach, especially on search engines, although these ads can be expensive. Fortunately, eligible nonprofits can tap into this opportunity for free through the Programme de subventions Google Ad Grants. Once your organization is approved, you’ll receive $10,000 in advertising credits every month that you can use to boost important pages on your website to the top of Google search results in a designated “sponsored” section, as shown below.

A screenshot of a sponsored Google Ad for a nonprofit website.Now that you have a better idea of how to create and promote your site effectively, let’s dive into some of our favourite nonprofit websites. We’ve categorized the list based on what each site does best: engaging donors, showcasing the organization’s services, or incorporating outstanding design features.

Best Nonprofit Websites for Donor Engagement 

Oxfam Canada

Oxfam Canada's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Oxfam Canada is a global organization whose mission is to make the future more equal by working to end global poverty, address the effects of conflict and climate change on vulnerable communities, and promote women’s rights.

Specifically, the Oxfam Canada team partners with other women’s rights organizations globally to challenge harmful policies and empower supporters to campaign for change in their communities.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les Oxfam Canada website mobilizes the organization’s supporters around key campaigns including elections, global humanitarian emergencies, and gender justice-related topics. As visitors explore the site, they are immediately met with various ways to get involved—as a donor, activist, volunteer or changemaker.

This website integrates with the Engaging Networks online donor management system and features prominent and clear “Donate” buttons and quick-fill forms to kickstart the donor journey. By making it as easy as possible for donors to contribute, Oxfam Canada helps ensure their project teams have the resources to serve as many people as possible.

Check out our case study on this nonprofit website.

Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

To help support their global mission to make the future equal, Oxfam Canada encourages new ways of ethical gift-giving through its Oxfam Unwrapped microsite. This website meets donors where they are by helping them find meaningful products and feel good about their purchases.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Online greeting cards are a unique and engaging fundraiser, and Oxfam Unwrapped takes full advantage of this concept by curating gifting collections, and empowering visitors to send their gift with an accompanying e-card or physical card mailed to the recipient.

Anyone interested in the fundraiser gets a quick overview on the home page and then has several bold headings to choose from to learn more or jump straight into making a purchase. Interested supporters can scroll through numerous cards designed for holidays, birthdays, weddings, and more. In exchange for a quick online donation, they can choose to mail a physical greeting card or send an eCard to a friend or family member.

Any nonprofit can emulate this approach by adding fundraising eCards to its website. First, you’ll design eCards for all holidays and occasions and embed them into your site. Then, donors can purchase these cards, write a custom message to the recipient, and send it off in seconds. With this unique fundraising approach, donors receive a deliverable in exchange for contributing to a meaningful cause, making your organization’s online giving experience more personal and engaging while helping supporters shop more ethically.

Gakino’amaage: Teach for Canada

Gakino'ammage: Teach for Canada's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Gakino’amaage: Teach for Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with northern First Nations to recruit, prepare, and support committed teachers, with the goal of making education more equal across Canada.

The Gakino’amaage: Teach for Canada team recruits incredible educators and hosts training programs for incoming teachers prior to their two-year minimum teaching commitment. Throughout these teachers’ tenures, Gakino’amaage: Teach for Canada also provides ongoing support. This way, they can help address injustices and systemic inequities that have led to a significant and detrimental education gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les Gakino’amaage: Teach for Canada website is an exemplary resource based on its inclusivity, strategically chosen audiences, and effective branding practices. Their branding is inspired by various First Nations art forms and common symbols, and it incorporates messaging in three languages (Ojibwe, English, and French) to reflect Canada’s linguistic diversity.

The Gakino’amaage: Teach for Canada homepage includes prominent calls to action for those looking to support the organization’s mission (donate) or to become an educator with the program (apply now). The navigation menu is also organized by key audience channels, allowing quick action pathways for educators, communities and supporters. Teacher and community stories come to life through engaging videos, testimonials, and a blog, which helps paint a clear picture of the organization’s work and impact.

Check out our case study on this nonprofit website.


The ASPCA's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Les American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is one of the leading voices in animal welfare. Rather than operating shelters directly, the ASPCA partners with hundreds of shelters, clinics, and other organizations committed to animal rights. Through these collaborations, the ASPCA provides resources to help animals in crisis, facilitate adoptions, and further research in the field.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

If you’re looking for an inspirational online donation page, the ASPCA is hard to beat. The page conveys impact by featuring a description of the ASPCA’s services, suggested giving amounts for one-time and monthly donations, and a simple donation form that shows donors their progress as they give it out.

The real standout features are the image carousel of animals in need and their matching gifts page. In the image carousel, each photo not only reminds supporters why they’re giving but also has a sticker on their picture indicating how each donation could help that type of animal.

Then, if supporters navigate to the ASPCA’s matching gift page, they can find detailed information about matching gifts and a matching gift search tool embedded right into the page. Both of these features go a long way in spreading matching gift awareness, helping to elevate the donor experience and double more of the donations the nonprofit receives.

Website by Aaron Montford

Cuso International

Cuso International's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Cuso International is a Canadian charity that is working to build the skills and capacity to end poverty and inequality across the globe. Cuso International provides strategic, long-term programs focused on building inclusive economic opportunities and increasing access to education for marginalized communities.

Driven by partnerships, respect, integrity, and accountability, this organization is dedicated to creating lasting change that continues to have an impact long after short-term development projects are completed.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les Cuso International website does a fantastic job at making visitors feel like they are an integral part of the solution at hand. Their emphasis on long-term partnerships, programming, and support is prominently displayed across the website, solidifying their position and difference in a crowded market competing for donor support.

This website also helps convert visitors into global volunteers and supporters. Through an innovative integration with the Luminate Online donation management system, donors can make seamless contributions with effective tracking and organization on the nonprofit’s side.


HerStart's nonprofit website

Qui sont-ils ?

HerStart is a program within Youth Challenge International that works to fight for women’s equality around the world and build a continually growing social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Their Innovate the Future program is working to provide more than 10,000 women across Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda with access to strategic training, networks, and resources to launch or grow their own businesses.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les HerStart website effectively encourages readers to take action and get involved in one of three ways: participating in their Innovate the Future program, applying for a volunteer e-fellowship, or investing in women through donations and other fundraising efforts. This is reflected both in the clearly labelled navigation bar and on the homepage.

The site is built on the concept of social proof to encourage participation in the HerStart programs. Through the integration of dynamic testimonials, social media feeds, and podcasts, both young women in the regions where HerStart works and global fellows can tangibly see the impact of the program model and get inspired to engage. This approach infuses humanity onto a website and helps build empathy that prompts action.

Un seul

Only One's nonprofit website.

Ce site web est une source d'inspiration pour l'équipe de conception de Loop. Crédit : Driftime Media.

Qui sont-ils ?

Only One is a nonprofit that has built an interactive online platform for sharing “stories, solutions, and community actions” to create a more sustainable planet. Founded in 2019, this project aims to connect people and organizations of all backgrounds for a critical cause—saving the oceans.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Only One’s nonprofit website is built to inspire change and encourage supporters to get involved in solving the ocean pollution and climate crises. Once a user creates a free online account, they can immediately gain access to exclusive interactive content, give to initiatives they connect with, register for events, join mailing lists, sign petitions, and more with ease.

This website is the online hub for the organization’s programming, equipping its audience with the tools to support relevant initiatives, communicate with their team and each other, and make a real difference for the mission and vision they care about.

Fair Food Network

Fair Food Network's nonprofit website

Qui sont-ils ?

Fair Food Network is a nonprofit based in Detroit, Michigan whose mission is “to grow community health and wealth through food.” Their work began in 2009 with the Double Up Food Bucks program, which matches SNAP assistance purchases of fruits and vegetables dollar for dollar to increase access to healthy food.

The organization has since expanded to include impact investing in food and farm businesses, technological innovation in partnership with the USDA-backed Nutrition Incentive Hub, and advocacy work to make food distribution and farming policies more equitable in the United States.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les Fair Food Network website invites audiences to engage with the organization’s mission in many ways just from the homepage. Visitors can quickly learn more about key initiatives, participate in advocacy, and sign up for their newsletter for more information. Plus, the site not only has a large orange “GIVE” button in the navigation bar but also integrates a multi-step Classy donation form embedded above the footer, which makes giving quick and easy.

These action requests are all supported by impact statistics and stories so visitors understand how their engagement with Fair Food Network contributes to a more equitable and nutritious food system.

Kinder Ground

Kinder Ground's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Founded by veterinary and animal science professionals with a vision for a more compassionate farming system, Kinder Ground is dedicated to promoting animal welfare in food production systems. This includes sharing resources on everything from safe and comfortable housing for commercial animals to proper hoof care practices. They also provide animal monitoring support and offer project grants for farmers to encourage innovation.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

The homepage of Kinder Ground’s website immediately lays out the three primary ways for visitors to take action: applying for a grant, becoming a partner, or donating. The site also promotes transparency and trust by sharing that 100% of all online donations go directly to helping farmers and animals.

The site’s earthy branding and compelling animal-centric photography support the mission information and engagement requests effectively. Visitors can also read about Kinder Ground’s impact through statistics and testimonials on nearly every page, which aligns with the organization’s value of evidence-based practice.

Impact Hub Ottawa

Impact Hub Ottawa's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Impact Hub Ottawa is a coworking space designed for nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations. It is part of the global Impact Hub network of 107 spaces working to make a difference in the world of collaborative work.

The organization’s mission is to bring local changemakers together in a space where they can work together to make an even stronger impact in their city and the world. Since Impact Hub Ottawa launched in 2012, its membership has grown to more than 200 organizations. It invests $2.4 million in the city’s economy annually, and its work aligns with the UN’s Global Goals to ensure their impact is tied to global priorities for sustainable development.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Impact Hub Ottawa’s website makes it clear from the outset that the goal is to invite more members into the community. Standout CTA buttons throughout the site encourage visitors to book a free day pass, and the pricing for ongoing memberships is right on the homepage. The membership page visually organizes the organization’s membership tiers and integrates with the co-working management system to ensure a streamlined signup process for new members.

The site also features events and resources so prospective members can get a better understanding of what the organization is and what they do. It also incorporates an accessible and dynamic brand and features the entrepreneurs who work in the space through photography, video, and stories.

Best Websites for Showcasing Nonprofit Services

North York Women’s Shelter

North York Women's Shelter's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

North York Women’s Shelter (NYWS) is a Toronto-based organization that has been working to provide women, non-binary, and trans individuals with the support they need to escape violence for more than 35 years.

By offering emergency shelter, collective community programming, and 24-hour crisis support, NYWS actively helps build a world free of gender inequality and gender-based violence—starting with the more than 11,000 people who have been impacted by their programming so far.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les NYWS website is designed to communicate warmth and support, with straightforward navigation and special safety features. After landing on the homepage, visitors can view a brief explanation of the organization’s mission and vision and are encouraged to take next steps, whether as a client or a supporter.

Beyond the initial visual design, the NYWS site was built with the end-user’s needs at the forefront. For example, each webpage contains an always-visible escape button and instructions for how to clear the visitor’s internet viewing history to make the experience safer for women in challenging circumstances.

Check out our case study on this nonprofit brand and website.

Le droit en action dans les écoles

Law in Action Within Schools' nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS) is an Ontario-based organization that provides high-school students with positive exposure to the justice system and encourages them to pursue secondary education with the end goal of diversifying the legal and criminal justice professions.

Through LAWS’s curriculum-based program, students can connect with mentors and participate in extracurricular activities, fostering an improved educational experience and removing barriers to law school.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les LAWS website uses an intuitive design with uniform branding elements and colours throughout the site. Thanks to the top-level site presentation, visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for.

As audiences explore the website’s homepage, they’ll find concise information concerning the three main programs offered to high school students and calls to action to learn more. Because LAWS is largely run by volunteers in the legal field, their site places an emphasis on community members getting involved by facilitating workshops and mentoring students.

Check out our case study on this nonprofit website.

Transforming Faces

Transforming Faces' nonprofit website

Qui sont-ils ?

Transforming Faces works with the medical community to assist children and families affected by cleft lip and palate in underserved communities worldwide. Their unique model of Comprehensive Cleft Care includes support before, during, and after cleft surgery to ensure safer and more affordable procedures, adequate nutrition for children pre-surgery, and holistic rehabilitation afterwards.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

The most noticeable feature of Transforming Faces’ website is the vibrant photos and videos of children and their families, which helps celebrate the organization’s success and combat the stigma around cleft lip and palate. Some of these children appear to have had cleft surgery, while others are still waiting on it. This highlights the before-and-after nature of the Comprehensive Cleft Care approach and emphasizes the organization’s name: Transforming Faces.

Additionally, the site features testimonials from those the organization has served and resources on the local health leadership in the area of cleft care that the nonprofit supports. Accompanied by blogs, this human-centred content helps raise awareness and knowledge about the condition and encourages visitors to take action through the clear calls to action that frame each page.

Tracking (In)Justice

Tracking (In)Justice's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Tracking (In)Justice is the first law enforcement and criminal justice project designed to track police-involved deaths and deaths in custody across Canada. Since Canada doesn’t have a national government body that monitors this data, Tracking (In)Justice is dedicated to data transparency and accountability to inform advocacy efforts related to the criminal justice system.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

As soon as audiences land on Tracking (In)Justice’s website, they are welcomed by four eye-opening data trackers, which help to contextualize the scale of the challenge and spark the curiosity to explore the realities behind the data. Through a custom integration, visitors can explore the living data set and use filters to organize and download specific data that may align with their research interests.

Then, visitors can explore tributes, resources, and blog posts which explain the data and trends and invite them to partake in advocacy efforts. The website’s colour palette is inspired by the flashing lights on police cars and the yellow tape found at many crime scenes. The other design elements, such as the typography, express the gravity of the topic while maintaining a sense of credibility.


OpenBiome's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

OpenBiome’s mission is to “accelerate microbiome science to improve health for all.” Their pioneering research and distribution efforts in microbiome medicine are advancing science worldwide while helping previously overlooked patients receive life-saving treatment for urgent health needs.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

OpenBiome’s website puts the nonprofit’s most important work first: FMT preparations to treat C. difficile infections. This page is located in the top left corner of the navigation bar—before any other information on the organization—which shows that OpenBiome understands that many of their visitors come looking to access that treatment above all else.

For audiences who want to investigate the site further, there are various interactive features, photos, resources, and impact statistics highlighting OpenBiome’s impact. Since pioneering medical organizations need to build trust and credibility in their services, the site also features many news stories, partnerships, and awards won by the nonprofit.

Nourrir l'Ontario

Feed Ontario's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Feed Ontario is a collective of member hunger-relief organizations, such as food banks and pantries around Ontario. This organization works to end hunger and poverty across Canada’s most populous province by providing fresh, healthy foods and pantry staples for those in need while advocating governments and industry for more inclusive food and poverty policies.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Because Feed Ontario works with several member organizations, their website provides quick access to resources and tools to help amplify their work in local communities. It boasts a platform for hosting campaigns, sharing partner successes, and organizing events that draw attention to hunger and poverty in Ontario. Additionally, interactive tools empower visitors to become advocates for food bank support, such as the Hunger in My Riding data calculator and Fork In The Road budgeting game.

A dedicated menu empowers visitors to support Feed Ontario in ways that work for them, and a focus on web accessibility ensures that this website meets the diverse needs of the people who interact with it.

Initiative Femmes et VIH/SIDA

Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Qui sont-ils ?

The Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) is a nonprofit dedicated to providing a support system for women who are living with HIV or facing an increased systemic risk of contracting it. Their team offers valuable resources for combating stigma, discrimination, gender-based violence, women-centred healthcare, and HIV disclosure.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les WHAI website is highly informative for the target audience: initiatives that work with women who have or are at high risk for HIV. They also incorporate an easily accessible “hide site” button within the main navigation menu that can be used to exit quickly for privacy reasons, making it simpler for visitors to locate and use the services they need.

La marque est conçue pour inclure toutes les femmes, en utilisant l'iconographie et la couleur pour guider le visiteur à travers les outils, les ressources, les événements et les domaines d'intérêt.

Best Nonprofit Website Designs

WWF Canada

WWF's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

World Wildlife Fund Canada is a member of the global WWF network of conservation-based nonprofits and is one of Canada’s largest organizations within that vertical. The organization is dedicated to actively protecting, managing, preserving, and restoring the environment through scientific analysis, Indigenous knowledge, and cutting-edge technology.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

While many aspects of the WWF Canada website stand out, the one that really sets it apart is the Living Planet Technology Hub. This unique platform effectively showcases the ways in which technology meets nature to provide innovative solutions for new and long-held environmental concerns.

Parmi les technologies mises en évidence par des présentations interactives, citons les pièges photographiques et les drones de conservation, la technologie de télédétection, l'apprentissage automatique et l'intelligence artificielle. Les visiteurs du site web peuvent plonger dans des expériences technologiques immersives ou participer à des défis technologiques nationaux en matière de conservation (grâce à ses intégrations de membres et de défis) pour avoir une chance de donner vie à des idées innovantes.

Check out our case study on this nonprofit website.

Tapestry Community Capital

Tapestry Community Capital's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Tapestry Community Capital est une coopérative à but non lucratif qui aide d'autres organisations à obtenir les revenus nécessaires à la poursuite efficace de leurs missions par le biais de projets à forte intensité de capital. Fondée en 1998, les fonds de Tapestry ont joué un rôle crucial pour de nombreuses entreprises sociales émergentes parmi les plus importantes du Canada.

Tapestry exploite le pouvoir des obligations communautaires et a levé plus de $100 millions de dollars auprès de plus de 4 000 investisseurs. Ses stratégies d'investissement et de prêt sont particulièrement importantes pour soutenir les groupes qui ont eu du mal à trouver des financements auprès des sources traditionnelles et des institutions financières.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les Site web de Tapestry Community Capital équilibre une conception professionnelle et orientée vers la communauté, qui confère crédibilité et confiance à leur travail, et qui est attrayante pour les organisations de base ou communautaires. Sa navigation simple offre une expérience utilisateur rationalisée lorsque les individus plongent plus profondément dans le site et explorent la richesse des informations disponibles.

Le site Tapestry indique également clairement dès la page d'accueil qui est son public spécifique : les organisations à but non lucratif, les coopératives et les entreprises sociales. Plusieurs exemples d'organisations éligibles sont énumérés - notamment des centres communautaires, artistiques et culturels, des systèmes d'alimentation et d'énergie durables, des espaces de co-working et des projets de logements abordables - suivis d'un rapide sondage en ligne pour déterminer si l'organisation du visiteur pourrait bénéficier d'une levée d'obligations communautaires.

Check out our case study on this nonprofit website.

Starts With Us

Qui sont-ils ?

Starts With Us est une organisation à but non lucratif qui vise à représenter les 87% d'Américains fatigués de la polarisation extrême de la politique et de la culture de leur pays. L'organisation mobilise des personnes de tout le spectre politique pour promouvoir la compréhension et une collaboration productive en fournissant une méthode et des outils pratiques pour développer la curiosité et la compassion au sein de groupes divers...

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Site web de Starts With Us capte l'attention des visiteurs du site web grâce à des images animées qui représentent ses missions. Des vidéos silencieuses de personnes de tous horizons sont diffusées sur l'écran d'accueil, tandis qu'un ruban portant le slogan de Starts With Us relie visuellement le site web.

Les personnes souhaitant s'impliquer sont alors invitées à consulter le fil d'actualité de Starts With Us, à s'informer sur le mouvement ou à passer à l'action, en fonction de l'endroit où elles se trouvent dans leur propre parcours de déradicalisation. Par exemple, Starts With Us propose des pages d'atterrissage uniques qui s'intègrent à Klaviyo pour ceux qui souhaitent rejoindre et répandre le mouvement. Il promeut également un défi de désintoxication à la polarisation de 30 jours et une application pour rendre le site web plus pratique pour les visiteurs.

Alliance des jeunes pour l'environnement

Qui sont-ils ?

Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) est une organisation à but non lucratif basée à East Vancouver qui donne aux jeunes les moyens de prendre soin de la nature, en particulier à ceux qui appartiennent à des communautés défavorisées. Elle y parvient grâce à des programmes d'éducation et de formation à l'emploi axés sur l'horticulture de plantes indigènes, la restauration écologique, la médecine par les plantes et le leadership communautaire. Tous les programmes sont dirigés par de jeunes éducateurs qui s'identifient comme autochtones, noirs et/ou de couleur.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

La mission de l'EYA étant liée à la jeunesse et à la nature, le site web de l'association L'imagerie crée un ton accueillant tout en mettant en valeur la représentation de la diversité au sein de la programmation basée sur la nature de l'EYA. Des illustrations personnalisées et vibrantes de plantes indigènes s'entremêlent harmonieusement avec des photos de jeunes gens qui vivent et travaillent dans des environnements naturels pour représenter leur développement personnel et leur lien avec la nature.

Outre son esthétique unique, le site web de l'EYA met en évidence de nombreuses façons de s'impliquer grâce à des boutons CTA orange vif, qu'il s'agisse de s'inscrire à des programmes, de faire un don ou de s'abonner à la lettre d'information de l'organisation.


OpenBiome's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

OpenLab est un studio de conception et d'innovation affilié à l'University Health Network (UHN), le plus grand hôpital de recherche du Canada. Son objectif est de trouver "les solutions les plus créatives et les plus efficaces pour transformer la manière dont les soins de santé sont dispensés et vécus". Par exemple, il a créé une application mobile pour le réseau d'intervention en cas d'overdose et étudié les capacités thérapeutiques de la technologie de la réalité virtuelle.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

La couleur violette est souvent associée à l'innovation. Site web d'OpenLab pour souligner son approche axée sur les solutions. En outre, les représentations graphiques de la conception de la santé sont contrebalancées par des photos réelles de l'équipe au travail afin de donner aux visiteurs un aperçu des coulisses du processus de conception centré sur l'homme de l'organisation.

Le site comporte également de nombreux blocs interactifs permettant de lire des témoignages, d'explorer des projets, de participer à des événements et de s'impliquer de diverses manières dans le travail de l'organisation.

KidSport Canada

KidSport Canada's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

KidSport Canada est une organisation à but non lucratif qui accorde des subventions aux familles à faible revenu pour qu'elles puissent inscrire leurs enfants à des programmes sportifs communautaires. Ces subventions confidentielles de $250 à $500 sont accordées pour couvrir les frais d'inscription et d'équipement, ce qui permet à tous les enfants de profiter du sport.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les Site web de KidSport Canada intègre une palette de couleurs dynamiques et jeunes, des éléments texturés et des vidéos d'athlètes ambassadeurs de haut niveau pour inspirer les enfants et renforcer leur mission d'une manière visuellement frappante. Le slogan bien en vue met l'accent sur le "tout" dans "Pour que tous les enfants puissent jouer", ce qui renvoie une fois de plus à la vision de l'organisation pour les enfants du Canada.

Dans la section "ce que nous faisons" du site KidSport, ils racontent également l'histoire émouvante d'une joueuse de football de 10 ans, Jaqueline, qui a découvert sa passion pour ce sport grâce à une subvention de l'organisation caritative. Il s'agit là d'un moyen fantastique de montrer à son public les avantages concrets d'un soutien à l'organisation. En outre, le site web permet aux sections de tout le pays de créer une marque cohérente et une expérience utilisateur grâce à l'utilisation d'un réseau multisite dynamique.

Les enfants créatifs en matière de genre

Gender Creative Kids' nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Gender Creative Kids est un organisme à but non lucratif basé à Montréal qui offre un soutien aux jeunes transgenres et non-conformes au genre depuis 2013. Son équipe milite pour un changement progressif des politiques afin de lutter contre la transphobie et l'inégalité, sensibilise les jeunes transgenres et leurs familles, et fournit des ressources éducatives à leurs communautés.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les Site web de Gender Creative Kids est coloré et amusant, et donne une impression amicale et accueillante à ses utilisateurs en ligne. La page "À propos de nous" présente un menu déroulant interactif de ses valeurs essentielles, notamment la solidarité, l'ouverture et le respect.

Des vidéos, des messages défilants et des animations vivantes ajoutent de la chaleur et de l'humanité à l'expérience. Tout au long du site, Gender Creative Kids renforce l'idée qu'il est bon d'être soi-même et fournit des informations détaillées sur la manière dont l'association s'efforce de rendre le monde plus inclusif et plus positif pour tous.

Site web de Kffein

Des vagues pour l'eau

Waves for Water's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Waves for Water est une organisation internationale dont l'objectif est de fournir un accès à l'eau potable à tous ceux qui en ont besoin. Plus précisément, cette organisation à but non lucratif se consacre à la construction de systèmes de filtres à eau portables, au creusement et à la rénovation de puits, ainsi qu'à la construction de systèmes de collecte et de stockage de l'eau de pluie dans les endroits où l'eau souterraine n'est pas accessible.

Cette équipe passionnée affirme que la technologie et la main-d'œuvre nécessaires à la création de systèmes d'approvisionnement en eau potable dans le monde entier existent déjà. Il s'agit simplement de savoir si ceux qui ont accès à l'eau potable sont prêts à la fournir à ceux qui n'y ont pas accès - et ils s'efforcent de faire en sorte que la réponse soit positive.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Les Site web de Waves for Water présente un certain nombre de programmes pertinents et de possibilités pour son public de s'impliquer dans la résolution de la crise mondiale de l'eau. La page d'accueil de l'organisation présente plusieurs campagnes de collecte de fonds, notamment pour l'aide aux victimes d'ouragans et la restauration de puits.

Le design frappant en noir et blanc et les photographies réalisées par des professionnels donnent un sentiment d'urgence et d'appartenance à une communauté qui renforce leur mouvement.

Site web par Elegant Seagulls

En avant

Onward's nonprofit website.

Qui sont-ils ?

Onward travaille avec toutes sortes d'organisations pour créer des cultures plus positives et plus inclusives, notamment des écoles, des organisations à but non lucratif, des entreprises, des communautés, etc. Plus précisément, cette équipe propose des plans de gestion du changement ciblés, des expériences d'apprentissage sur mesure, ainsi que des opportunités de coaching et de formation pratiques.

Pourquoi leur site web à but non lucratif est une source d'inspiration

Le site web d'Onward est conçu pour fournir à son public une grande quantité d'informations pertinentes de la manière la plus simple possible. Par exemple, la page d'accueil présente un certain nombre de questions du type "comment pourrions-nous" afin d'informer les lecteurs sur les objectifs et les programmes de l'organisation. Il s'agit d'une manière intelligente et intuitive de partager la façon dont leur équipe pourrait concevoir des approches innovantes pour démanteler l'iniquité et construire un monde équitable.

De plus, le design épuré du site et sa palette de couleurs agréables offrent à son public une expérience positive et stimulent l'engagement par le biais des médias sociaux.

Concevez le site Web de votre organisation avec Loop

Si vous êtes inspiré et prêt à améliorer votre site web, la prochaine étape consiste à vous associer à une agence de conception de sites web telle que Loop : Le design au service du bien social. Nous travaillons avec des organisations à but non lucratif, des ONG, des entreprises sociales et des fondations passionnées qui se consacrent à la création d'un changement positif et durable. Nous croyons au pouvoir de la collaboration et travaillerons en étroite collaboration avec votre équipe pour optimiser votre site web actuel ou en créer un nouveau.

Nous proposons les services de conception et de développement de sites web suivants services:

  • Conception du site web créer un site web visuellement attrayant qui attire les utilisateurs et les incite à soutenir votre cause
  • Plan du site et architecture de navigation pour s'assurer que les visiteurs de votre site web trouvent exactement ce qu'ils recherchent et empruntent le meilleur chemin pour y parvenir
  • Pages d'atterrissage so you can optimize conversions and drive your mission forward
  • Donation integrations with providers such as Classy, Luminate Online, Canada Helps, and Donorbox to enhance the giving process for your online donors and ensure your nonprofit seamlessly receives funds
  • Accessibility evaluation so all visitors can browse and interact with your website’s content regardless of their ability

Plus, we’re a full-service design agency that can help your nonprofit with other projects, such as branding, logo design, and annual report creation. Whatever your project, we’d love to hear about it and share how we can help. Reach out today to discuss your design needs!

Wrapping Up: Additional Resources on Nonprofit Website Design

Hopefully, this list of nonprofit websites has inspired you to get started on your upcoming website project, regardless of whether you’re making small tweaks or doing a complete overhaul. By following these examples and tips, you’ll ensure your organization’s website is doing all that it can to drive your mission forward.

For more information on nonprofit website design, check out these resources: