Annual Report

Taking a bold stand for the LGBTQ2S community

with The 519

A bold colour palette and striking typography capture the activist energy of The 519.


Since 2019


Annual Report, Brand Extension, Accessible PDF

The 519 is a Toronto organization committed to making a difference in the lives of the LGBTQ2S community. With an innovative approach to their work, they offer services, space, leadership and training that promote health, inclusion, understanding and respect.  

Loop worked with The 519 to create an annual report that makes a bold statement and speaks to their prominent advocacy and community support work in 2018/2019.

Powerful numbers help add visual impact and structure to The 519’s programs & service offerings.

Statistics set in bright pink help illustrate The 519’s immense impact at a glance.

Our Approach

Inspired by The 519’s “Army of Lovers” advocacy campaign, this annual report presented an opportunity to make a powerful statement about the 519’s community organizing work around issues facing the LBGTQ2S community such as police brutality, health rights and refugees. After digital discovery was completed with key stakeholders, it was clear that a move away from the organization’s softer colour palette in favour of a loud, unapologetic aesthetic with a focus on typography and photos would be key to delivering this message. 

The visual direction for this report is defined by a daring colour palette of black and white with pops of magenta, and a powerful typeface reminiscent of activism and protest signage. These elements help frame The 519’s photographs, bringing the human element of the organization’s work to the forefront. A strong but flexible grid system was used to create over 40 “bespoke” layouts that shift, slide and adapt depending on the content. Text and photography overlap pages as well as each other, giving the design dynamism and an edge that reflects The 519’s mission and voice.

The report was inspired by The 519’s “Army of Lovers” advocacy campaign. Oversized text that overlaps dramatic imagery helps express bold and dynamic messages inspired by protest artwork.

“We had a tight budget, tighter timelines, and high creative expectations. Loop gave value to the limitations as well as the aspirations – and delivered very well.”

Soofia Mahmood
Director, Strategic Communications & Executive Planning, The 519

Impact stories that speak to the effect The 519’s work is having on individuals were highlighted using a secondary accent colour.

Considering Accessibility

The 519 made accessibility a priority for this report. Accessibility standards and functionality were incorporated from the outset and seamlessly integrated into the design. From typography styles to alt text for images, every detail was considered to make this report easy to experience for everyone, whether they are reading it in print or engaging with it using a screen reader.

The report’s flexible grid system helps organize spreads with many images & captions reflecting milestones in the LGBTQ2S community.

The bold look and feel of the report echo the strength of the LGBTQ2S community.

From Empathy to Impact

The annual report was distributed at The 519’s general meeting to great praise. The organization hopes to use the report to set the tone for their work in 2020 and beyond.

Thank you The 519.