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Protecting human rights defenders across Eastern Africa

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A new brand for Defend Defenders featuring bold colours and photography.

The Story
Defend Defenders is an NGO dedicated to equipping human rights defenders in Eastern Africa. Providing crucial resources, training, advocacy, and swift emergency assistance, the organization collaborates closely with local and international partners.

Through a dynamic blend of innovative strategies like technology integration, strategic gatherings, and impactful advocacy efforts, Defend Defenders vigilantly monitors and defends the invaluable work of human rights defenders. Often navigating challenging social-political landscapes, these defenders exhibit remarkable courage and dedication.

The organization’s visual identity mirrors this commitment. A bold and alert color scheme underlines the urgency of their work, while cohesive graphic elements convey both protection and progress. At the core of the design is a two-sided shield, symbolizing unity against oppression and fortifying global human rights. This powerful emblem, inspired by traditional shapes, set at a 53-degree angle reminiscent of a raised fist, forms the foundation of a visually striking identity. The shapes and angles flow through to redesigned iconography and color blocking, establishing a seamless visual language throughout, representing the organization’s unwavering dedication to defending defenders and advancing human rights.

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