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A comprehensive, responsive and modular website built for one of Canada’s leading research centres – Research at St. Michael’s Hospital


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The Keenan Research Centre and Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St. Michael’s Hospital are some of Canada’s leading medical research centers.

Loop was challenged to re-imagine how a research hospital website could function as an intuitive hub to showcase stories of breakthrough innovation while making important information accessible to the thousands of researchers and students who are revolutionizing how scientific discoveries impact patient care each day.

Iconogrpahy examples

Customize iconography designed for the different research sectors

St Michaels Hospital website on macbook close up

Large photography was introduced to modernize and tell a story through imagery

Our Approach

The strategy involved the development of a collection of custom WordPress modules to help break the web pages into distinct and easy to digest chunks of information that could be scanned with ease. These modules allow for efficient navigation and a more seamless and consistent user experience across the website, given the hundreds of unique pages.

A clear and accessible visual language was established, using colours, text, and iconography which allow visitors to predict how to find the information they need. This was especially important in the researcher and program listing pages, which were designed to help students find research guidance through a custom filtering system. Through the use of more prominent photography and visuals, the website helps to achieve a sense of community and accomplishment for the hundreds of researchers and staff at the hospital.

A modular structure was built through different elements to support the comprehensive and extensive website

St Michael's Hospital displayed on iphones against blue background

All elements have been designed to be mobile responsive

All Touchpoints Considered

The St. Michael’s Hospital team hoped to create a more intuitive and straightforward website that would prioritize information architecture and navigation, showcasing imagery and stories in a more powerful way, and achieve optimal website accessibility.

Research at St. Michael’s Hospital is comprised of two main components – the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science focusing on basic and translational science research, and the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute focusing on clinical and health services research.

Hundreds of images were sourced to provide an immersive and visual experience

St Michael's Hospital displayed on macbooks

From Empathy to Impact

St. Michael’s Hospital Research’s mission is to generate ground-breaking, high quality research that can be translated into improved care and improved outcomes for our patients in Toronto and across the globe.

Webpages designed in this process
Consulted with 15 different research programs to learn about their needs and ambitions
Streamlined the experience of navigating the research hospital for 500+ students, researchers and staff

Keep up the great research, St. Michael’s Hospital.