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Harnessing the power of community finance

with Tapestry Capital

Tapestry graphics in white on red background

The people’s tapestry is a custom animated illustration formed from a continuous thread, repressing people coming together to contribute their share to iconic community projects.


Since 2017


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Tapestry is a new social enterprise with a daring mission to reimagine how to finance ambitious community projects. From green energy initiatives to community hubs and co-operative housing, Tapestry helps organizations who may otherwise have trouble lending from traditional financial institutions, leverage the power of their communities to raise millions of dollars through community bonds.

Community bonds are an interest-bearing loan with a face value, fixed term and set interest rate and always encompass a social or environmental return, in addition to a financial return that stays within a community. It’s a win win win!

Loop was armed with the task of developing a new brand and website that would help position Tapestry as a leader in social finance, enabling organizations to scale and transform their impact through community bonds.

Tapestry logo

The Tapestry’s work mark strikes a balance between between credible finance and community empowerment, positioning Tapestry as a disruptor in the community finance space.

Community hubs icon for Tapestry website

Custom iconography that aligns to the style of the people’s tapestry depicts the various social impact sectors that Tapestry works in.

Tapestry identity guide printed

Our Approach

Our process began by surveying and interviewing non-profits, social enterprises, finance experts and Tapestry staff to get a clear sense of their experiences with community bonds, the types of ambitious projects they were eager to launch, and the potential for Tapestry to stand out in the social finance space.

It became clear that Tapestry needed to distinguish itself as a friendly financing alternative backed by a professional team with the expertise to raise and manage millions. The notion of Tapestry as high impact community champion would need to touch every aspect of the brand, and helped shape the ‘Finance to the power of community’ brand essence which would drive the design direction.

Tapestry tagline and tapesty graphics on a wall with drawings taped on top

The brand creates a canvas to collect input from the community.

“Working with Loop has been an amazing experience. They have a wonderful team that that exudes creativity, ingenuity and business acumen. From the very start, they understood our organization and the vision we had, and helped us every step of the way to bring it to life. Now that our brand has launched, our social enterprise has reached all new heights. Many thanks to the team at Loop!”

Steph Pinnington
Marketing & Engagement Manager, TREC

Tapestry Capital is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Straightforward navigation that drives visitors to self-qualify for community bonds makes for an efficient and higher quality lead generation journey.

All Touchpoints Considered

The design strategy was centered around the concept of the ‘People’s Tapestry,’ a custom illustration formed from a continuous thread, including recognizable images of people coming together to contribute their share (or bond) and support iconic projects. The illustration is about weaving a tapestry of community support – in a unique way that gives the brand an authentic and human quality while linking directly to Tapestry’s name.

When paired with the sharp angles and bold nature of the Tapestry wordmark, and the bright orange hue; the design helps accomplish a balance between the professional finance space and local communities. The colour palette is a unique identifier in the Canadian finance space, and optimistic messaging helps community organizations feel confident about their ability to finance positive change.

The brand is brought onto the web, through a visual portrayal of the people’s tapestry, and key calls to action that funnel visitors to sign up for Tapestry’s accelerator program which helps to inform and select the organizations that are ideal for raising community bonds.

Tapestry website on macbook close up

Stories and photography highlighting real people who have benefitted from community bonds make the brand a symbol of possibility and optimism.

Tapestry mobile website displayed on iphones

The WordPress website is fluid across devices and will allow for flexibility as Tapestry grows.

Tapestry website displayed on macbooks side by side

From Empathy to Impact

Since launch, the Tapestry Capital brand and digital experience have made waves in the social finance space.

$55 million
raised from over 3,800 community investors
people woven into the People's Tapestry illustration
Accelerator workshops conducted with prospective community projects since launch in 2017

Thank you Tapestry Capital.