Brand Identity

Making the education system more equal for everyone

with Teach For Canada

Teach for Canada logo in white on red pattern background

Teach for Canada’s logo crest was inspired by Indigenous art forms.


Since 2013


Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Publication Design, Website and Web App Architecture, Website Design

Teach For Canada is a groundbreaking non-profit organization that works with northern First Nations to recruit, prepare, and supports outstanding teachers. Since 2013, we’ve worked with Teach For Canada to build and evolve their brand and website, enabling them to help make education more equal in remote and indigenous communities.

Teach for Canada logo

The logo was developed in three languages in order to represent each of Teach For Canada’s different audiences: Ojibwa, French and English.

Teach for Canada printed collateral on red background

The design of print materials make use of human-focused photography that portrays children and the realities of living in Northern Canada.

Teach for Canada annual report spreads

Our Approach

The brand and all touchpoints were shaped with input from teachers, supporters and indigenous artists. The core logo is inspired by the forms in First Nations art, with two geese heading north, one leading the other as a mentor whos wing features the flame of knowledge. The bright red is distinctly Canadian.

The brand is brought to life on a new website and teacher application portal, in addition to print publications, apparel including the signature Teach For Canada scarf and digital advertising through various social channels.

Group of people around a table writing on printouts

The brand and all touchpoints were shaped with input from teachers, supporters and indigenous artists at every stage.

“Loop has helped us develop a strong and compelling brand identity. Their work is vibrant, modern, and youthful. Loop has contributed considerably in helping Teach For Canada communicate clearly and effectively. We very quickly got the sense from Loop that they thought of us not as a customer, but as a partner. We certainly thought — and think — of them that way.”

Kyle Hill

Executive Director, Teach For Canada

Teach for Canada mobile website on iphones

The website acts as a key hub for teachers, mentors, and community leaders and can be accessed seamlessly from any device even in lower bandwidth environments.

All Touchpoints Considered

Inspired by the spirit of the North, the identity needed to encompass the Canadian spirit; compelling a new generation of teachers to embark on careers in the North and encouraging First nations communities to take pride and ownership in the brand.

Teach for Canada community page on macbook

Our goal on the new website is to depict an accurate representation of life in Northern Canada, and Community Overview pages use personal photographs and stories from teachers and community members living in the North to bring these vibrant profiles to life.

Man wearing Teach for Canada scarf

The identity has been applied to apparel, so that the Teach for Canada team, communities and teachers can take ownership of the brand and be an ambassador for equal education wherever they go.

Teach for Canada is one of the best nonprofit websites.

From Empathy to Impact

The Teach for Canada brand, materials and website are frequently highlighted as the most influential reason that teachers apply to teach in the North with Teach For Canada.

Teach For Canada teachers have been successfully recruited since 2015.
Students impacted by Teach For Canada teachers in Northern communities since 2015.
$3 Million+
Raised towards continued expansion since 2014.

Thank you Teach For Canada.