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With Jays Care Foundation

Capturing the impact of sports in 2021: Loop’s collaboration with the Jays Care Foundation resulted in four accessible program reports.

The Story
Loop collaborated with the Jays Care Foundation to produce four accessible program reports, highlighting the impact of sports in their 2021 programming streams. Our close partnership with the Jays Care Foundation team aimed to design reports that instilled hope and a sense of togetherness during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We always prioritize maintaining the integrity of the Blue Jays brand at the Jays Care Foundation. Therefore, it was essential for our creative work to align with their standards. Loop’s creative team successfully infused the reports with joy and youthful spirit, while still embodying the distinctive essence of the “Blue Jays.”

We designed custom icons inspired by the iconic Blue Jays logo, and integrated baseball diamond-themed graphic elements throughout the report, immersing the reader in the world of baseball. Accessibility is a top priority for Jays Care Foundation, and all four reports are optimized for screen reader accessibility and color contrast compliance.

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2 months

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Loop’s creative team skillfully blended youthfulness and the iconic ‘Blue Jays’ essence in these reports, radiating joy throughout.

Our custom icons, inspired by the iconic Blue Jays logo, and baseball diamond-themed graphics immerse readers in the world of baseball throughout the report.

“We worked with Loop to update our yearly reporting, and they truly elevated our reports to the next level. Our team was thrilled with the outcome, and we cannot wait to get them into the hands of our partners, beneficiaries, and donors! It was a pleasure working with Loop. They are a highly professional and organized creative design agency. They were accommodating and supportive throughout the whole process.”

– Jays Care Foundation