Annual Report

Ensuring No Queer Folks Are Left Behind

With the 519

Vivid, vibrant colors beautifully contrast with striking black accents, breathing life into the editorial layouts.”

The Story
After two years of programming in response to a global pandemic, The 519, Toronto’s LGBTQ2+ community hub, successfully relaunched many of its in-person programs and community connections. To showcase this achievement in their 2022 annual report, they chose the impactful title “Nobody Left Behind.” The report’s central theme revolves around a striking typographic design, symbolizing advocacy and collective action with stacked and interlocking text, conveying a sense of building impact.

This design approach manages to strike a balance between bold dynamism and accessibility, aligning perfectly with The 519’s essential mission. Vibrant, eye-catching colors are used to create a sharp contrast with bold black accents, infusing vitality into the editorial layouts. The use of bold headlines and asymmetrical columns allows for more dynamic integration of photos and text, while blocks of color serve to break up statistics and emphasize crucial content such as testimonials.


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