Strengthening community organizations supporting women living with HIV

With Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative

Empowering Women in Ontario: Loop’s Collaboration with WHAI

The Story
In order to assist community organizations and their staff to better work with women in Ontario who are living with HIV, Loop collaborated with the Women and HIV/Aids Initiative (WHAI) over the course of three years on all four of their flagship toolkits. These toolkits comprise close to 50 printed pieces, and have been distributed across the province of Ontario in both print and digital formats, and each toolkit focuses on a different aspect of HIV support including physical spaces, disclosure and harm reduction.

Each toolkit is tailored to both the topic at hand and the needs of those implementing them. For the “Welcoming Spaces” toolkit, this meant creating a poster that could be displayed on the wall. For the “Disclosure” toolkit, we created Myth or Fact scenario cards around the topic of HIV disclosure. The most recent toolkit was released in 2020, and is titled “Women and Harm Reduction In Ontario: A Capacity Building Toolkit.” Using 20 printed pieces, this toolkit provides a comprehensive look at harm reduction in Ontario through statistics, diagrams and long-form text, as well as collaborative activities for self reflection and improvement like flash cards and discussion questions.

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