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A dynamic and bold website designed for Starts With Us, following mobile-first design principles.

The Story
Starts With Us empowers and connects millions of Americans frustrated with extreme political and cultural divisions with the skills to engage across differences and move the country forward. With over 87% of Americans expressing frustration with the level of toxic polarization and the impacts on their relationships and society, the time for a movement like Starts With Us has never been more critical. 

Loop’s partnership with Starts With Us started by reimagining its online presence, working closely alongside its passionate team to integrate a fresh brand and message with strategic digital marketing pathways via Klaviyo to make joining the movement as seamless as possible. The site is a home for engaging storytelling, inspiring video content and dynamic tools to help audiences practically foster Curiosity, Compassion and Courage in their daily lives. A flexible post system makes it efficient to add new stories to the feed, new partners to the movement listing, and tools to their growing library of 3C resources. Beyond this, a series of landing page templates allow for fast deployment of timely campaigns related to political happenings and cultural events, ensuring peak cross-platform engagement. 

Since launching the website, the Loop and Startes With Us team have collaborated on various new site functionalities, including a 30-day Polarization Detox Challenge, which includes daily activities to bridge divides, repair relationships and envision a more united America.

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The landing page showcases video content, bold typography, and a prominent “Join the Movement!” call to action.

We adopted a mobile-first approach for every page to ensure accessibility and user-friendliness across all devices.