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50 years and counting of empowering youth to rise up

with Kennedy House

The new Kennedy House website was designed with clear pathways of support in mind.


Since 2021


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Kennedy House is a non-profit founded in 1972, providing customized support and building trusting relationships with youth who have experienced trauma in their lives. Their committed team offers community programs that help youth grow as individuals by providing community programs including housing, counselling, education support and assistance navigating the criminal justice system. To coincide with its 50th anniversary, Loop helped the organization find its essence, expand its brand, and develop an intuitive and compelling new website to help youth and supporters take action.

Auditing the services and programs provided by Kennedy House allowed us to glean that they required an organized directory of services and clear pathways for admission.

A colourful graphic system designed to represent the organization’s founding houses and elevated photography creates an authentic and rooted brand experience.

Our Approach

The new Kennedy House website was designed with clear information pathways for youth and supporters alike. We worked with their team to understand pain points in the organization and audited their online service offerings, determining that a clearer program directory was required, with quick access to information such as eligibility, enrolment requirements, FAQ and key contacts. A big challenge for the Kennedy House team is managing the volume of calls they receive, especially during the pandemic. The new website is designed to pre-emptively answer questions to reduce the call volume. In doing this Kennedy House staff can focus more on the youth impact work they are passionate about.

Visitors can find information quickly by strategically placing common questions and answers throughout the site.

“Loop delivered a product that reflected our vision and values. The Loop team was collaborative, proactive, and detail-oriented. We are extremely pleased with our new website.”

Cass Nagar of Kennedy House

Accessibility at the Forefront

As part of the web design process, a colourful graphic system was designed to represent the organization’s founding houses and paired with authentic and representative photography; the brand reflects the new “Youth Rise Up” Brand Essence. The website also emphasizes impact storytelling through experience callouts and accompanying calls for support to provide the proof donors need to contribute on the newly designed campaign-oriented donation pages.

Each page and functionality on the website was designed to meet accessible web design and development standards, creating a more inclusive online experience.

The graphic elements used throughout the site bring a bright and colourful connection between Kennedy House and the individuals that wish to support their work.