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Building a movement to end intimate partner violence

With Interval House

Loop worked with Interval House to design for social good.


Since 2017


Brand Extension, Content Architecture, Website Design

Interval House is the first shelter for abused women and children in Canada, and a leader in the campaign for women’s empowerment. Since 2017, we’ve worked with Interval House to expand their brand, and create a safe online space for women who need support and advice. Their new website also serves as a tool to advocate for systemic community change in the fight against gender-based violence.

In order to expand upon their existing brand identity, we created a graphic system of symbols that represent Interval House: a home, communication and connection, forward movement, impact, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Special attention is paid to the safety of women visiting the site, with clear opportunities to hide the site or seek immediate help in times of crisis.

Our Approach

Loop and the Interval House team worked together, spending time in the shelter and connecting with staff, community members and the board of directors to learn more about what Interval House meant to them. These conversations uncovered the theme of ‘home’ and the importance of a stable home in rebuilding the lives of women who have been impacted by intimate partner violence.

The brand essence of, ‘Rebuilding home. Rebuilding lives.’ was brought to life through a visual language of building blocks in calming hues and purple, the universal colour of the fight to end gender-based violence. This language was applied to icons and pattern elements throughout the website and paired with with human-centred photography that feels empowering, strong and peaceful.

The WordPress website was built using modules which display various content types consistently across the site.

“Re-designing the Interval House’s website could have been a daunting project but Loop made the process smooth & manageable. From discovery to development, Loop took our organization’s needs into consideration, while making it as simple as possible for us. The end result was a fantastic, on-brand, user-friendly website with responsive design. We are very happy with our new website and made a good choice in working with Loop.”

Rachel Ramkaran
Annual Giving & Communications Advisor, Interval House

All Touchpoints Considered

The new website brings a fresh and authentic face to Interval House. The team can now share information more effectively across multiple platforms and enable women and service agencies to find information quickly and securely. Visitors can step into Interval House, and experience what makes it so unique through an interactive tour. Compelling video content and personal stories also help build a strong case for support.

The navigation structure defines strategic user flows that allow Interval House to direct audiences to critical actions with the fewest possible clicks, including getting help, supporting advocacy work or donating to support their work. Security concerns were also addressed by providing quick close links, and prominent quick call links for women in crisis to seek immediate support.

The new website positions Interval House for an optimistic future by providing a flexible platform that will scale with the amazing work of the organization.

The safety of end-users was considered throughout design and development. The Hide button is easy to see and can be accessed from any page and on any device.

Due to the sensitive nature of Interval House’s work, carefully curated stock photography was used to help create a human and diverse feel on the website without sacrificing anonymity.

The site is fluid and adapts easily to any device, ensuring women seeking help or advice can access it from anywhere.

Thank you Interval House.