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The Loop 2019 Holiday Card

Showcase: Our 2019 Holiday Card

Spreading good news for the holidays!

By the Loop Team | December 6, 2019

This holiday season, the Loop team wanted to do something a little bit different for our annual holiday card! Our goal was to design something that was fun, positive, optimistic, and that showcased some of our amazing clients and the important work that they’re doing. So we decided to mail out…

20 Pieces of Good News to Kick Off 2020!!

The printed piece we created highlights 20 pieces of good news from around the world to share over the holidays. It is designed to emphasize the fact that even though our world is facing many challenges, there is still plenty to celebrate!

On the reverse of the fold-out card, we have featured some of our clients that are tackling these or similar issues so everyone can keep the good news rolling!

So be sure to spread some good news this holiday! 

Warmest wishes,

– The Loop Team