Rallying Together in the Race to Cure Cystic Fibrosis

with Lawn Summer Nights

Lawn Summer Nights collaborated with Loop to design for good.

The vibrant bowls pattern creates an energetic appeal that stays true to the event and traditional game.


Since 2017


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Lawn Summer Nights is a national fundraising event in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Each summer, the LSN team pulls off lawn bowling tournaments across Canada, bringing people together to raise awareness and support the search for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

With LSN’s 10th annual event approaching, Lawn Summer Nights collaborated with Loop to reimagine their brand and all touch-points to help them expand the event to more cities in Canada and the United States and raise millions of more dollars for Cystic Fibrosis. More than that they needed an identity that would thrive in a digital and Instagram-driven environment.

Lawn Summer Nights Wordmark/Logo

The striking black and white logo forms a series of bowling lanes with a bowl.

LSN business card mockups on yellow background

The bowl pattern brought to life on business cards.

Mockup of Lasn Summer Nights posters with photos, text and graphics

Our Approach

Loop and the LSN team worked together to uncover insights from their target audiences, young urban professionals, to develop a creative direction that would bring the unique hipster-cool energy of the event to life in the brand and on the web while still centering around the core purpose – find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

It was important for the brand to be celebratory and relaxed, with a brand message which felt optimistic but not too scripted. It was also important for the brand to work as a flexible system that could be easily applied to events by teams from coast to coast, and across multiple touchpoints from signage to social media.

Photograph of lawn bowls against grass with bowls icons overlayed in white

The identity is inspired by the unique markings commonly seen on lawn bowls.

“To celebrate our tenth anniversary we wanted a fresh look to show how far we’ve come. We had a lot of different opinions and Loop’s process of collecting impressions was the perfect solution. Together we were able to share a variety of different needs and ideas that Loop put together to create a brand identity and new website that is so uniquely us. They were supportive, encouraging, incredibly helpful during the design and have been wonderful to work with.”

Ashley McAllister

National Coordinator, Lawn Summer Nights

Lawn Summer nights mobile site mockups on iphone screens

The website is a mobile-optimized experience that allows visitors to quickly explore events near them and register a team within three clicks.

All Touchpoints Considered

The identity is inspired by the unique markings commonly seen on lawn bowls. Using these shapes we were able to develop a creative bowl pattern, that adds energy and vibrancy to the identity. Paired with a simple black and white logo that forms a series of bowling lanes, we were able to bring an old-fashioned sport in line with a modern look and feel, while maintaining a distinct identity to drive Lawn Summer Nights Forwards.

The bowls appear in updated shades of green and yellow to keep the identity fresh and optimistic and are used to frame photography and key messages in a clear and bold way. The system is also intrinsically flexible, allowing LSN events in numerous cities to adapt their events and touchpoints to the new brand look with ease.

The website takes these elements and pairs them with full-screen photography and video to bring the essence and energy of Lawn Summer Nights events to life. From the lively tournament to a cold beer afterward, visitors are meant to feel the lawn summer vibe upon landing. Good vibes paired with eye-opening impact statistics about Cystic Fibrosis and strategic calls to action encourage visitors to join an event near them and increase conversion.

Lawn Summer Nights website displayed on macbook with yellow and white background

The bowl pattern as seen on the website.

Lawn Summer Nights statistics boxes interspersed with photos

Impact is evident on all touchpoints, sparking a community united to find a cure.

LSN website mockups on macbook and iphone

From Empathy to Impact

Since launching, the Lawn Summer Nights brand and digital experience have created a compelling call to action that will encourage thousands of young Canadians to raise over $1 million for Cystic Fibrosis in 2018.

Raised for Cystic Fibrosis Canada since 2009.
National tournaments in 2018 with plans to expand across the continent in the upcoming year.
Years of impact.

Thank you Lawn Summer Nights.